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People Eating People, Nouela Johnston’s jazzy new solo project, is catching fire

Nouela and Brian at The Sunset (credit: Christen Shaw)

People Eating People is the solo piano pop project of Seattle artist Nouela Johnston, and it is absolutely astounding. Johnston has gone through much turbulence to arrive at her current position. In 2007, Johnston was locked into a contract with Mon Frere, the band who won the SoundOff! Battle of the Bands in 2007, which she immediately regretted. Johnston dropped from the band which caused her “[…] a shit-ton of legal messes,” as she explained to earlier this week. Unable to release her own music until, among other things, the sum of $5,000 be paid to Cake Records, and she played and toured for-hire with three other bands: Say Hi, Fall of Troy, and Creature Feature. All the while, Johnston was recording a demo which eventually reached the hands of Nabil Ayers, current label manager for 4AD, who offered to release her full-length album.

Her self-titled album, People Eating People, released in November 2009, is an emotional outpouring of jazzy vocals and piano. Johnston is classically trained in jazz piano — she began performing recitals by the age of 4. Being that she is classically trained, her music is technically masterful and complex — her vocals are to match. Her lyrics are personal and emotionally driven; we can see such in “I Hate All My Friends.” Pounding and fast jazz keys supplement her apparent anger as she sings a tale of lies and deceit. With “All The Hospitals,” Johnston shows her flexibility as a jazz pianist. Fluctuating, complex rhythms, all the while delivering the similarly fluctuating jazz-style vocals. A highly emotional tale of depression, making references to suicide amongst other things; “don’t cut too deep, take all those pills…don’t swallow… everyone you900彩票下载安卓 love is on you900彩票下载安卓r side.”

People Eating People — “All the Hospitals,” from People Eating People (2009) | download

See below for upcoming shows, live videos, and a video interview.


REVIEW: Panther Attack! gives us heart-pounding, funky post-rock

Panther Attack! @900彩票下载安卓 Club Tropical (credit unknown)

Panther Attack!’s full-length album, Martyr Bonus, was released in 2007. The quartet, from Seattle, Wash., is composed of a bassist, guitarist, and two drummers — with one drummer often trading out as the second guitarist. Martyr Bonus is their first and only full-length album to date, with Sharp Moments EP being their only other recorded release. Martyr Bonus is a wonderful instrumental album tilting from groovy post-punk to shoegaze.

The first track on the album, “Frolic, Just Don’t Lick, is slow to crescendo and has a shoegaze feel. It lays out the groovy standard to come throughout the album. The guitars have a muddy feel in this track and, appropriately, croaking frogs. Layered cleverly through the guitars, the bass pulls us slowly forward through the mud, reminiscent of plodding through a swampy, hazy field. The drums are absent through the entirety of this track.

Moving forward two tracks to “Stands About, With Dumb Look On Face,” we are immediately greeted face paced guitar and dual drum kits wailing away. Jazzy scales take us from fast and loud to quiet and slow, and back again. The drum kits in this track are a delight. They are responsible for much of the feverish feeling throughout this six-minute-long track. From here on out, the entire album feels much more jazzy than the initial two tracks.

Spotlight: Grand Archives

. Their self-titled album will be released Feb. 19 on Sub Pop Records.

Grand Archives — “Torn Blue Foam Couch” | download


An interview with Say Hi, who released a new album today

Say Hi / Courtesy of Sneak Attack MediaEric Elbogen of Say Hi (previously Say Hi To Your Mom), who, today, release The Wishes and the Glitch, answers a few questions from regarding the new album, working with David Bazan and John Roderick, and more. Read after the jump for more of the interview, tracks from The Wishes and the Glitch, and links to purchase music from the group. Say Hi were previously the subject of a spotlight.

Say Hi — “Northwestern Girls” | download

What’s the geekiest thing you900彩票下载安卓 did during the recording of The Wishes and the Glitch?

Well, cooping up in a bedroom full of music equipment for six months for twelve hours a day is pretty geeky, don’t you900彩票下载安卓 agree? I got nothing else.


Spotlight: The Billie Burke Estate

The Bille Burke EstateThe Billie Burke Estate, who just released Let Your Heart Break, offer a strangely enticing combination of 1970s progressive rock, two-tone ska, and pop sensibilities that make themselves evidenced in “I Can Float” and “Everybody’s Gonna Die,” posted below for download and listening. The former exhibits a wealth of influence from across a wide musical spectrum, while the latter is a more straightforward piano-based pop song with a sardonic lyrical approach. Andy Liotta, mastermind of the Seattle-based The Billie Burke Estate, works vocals in forgotten ways, while instrumentation is effective but not over the top.

The Bille Burke Estate — “I Can Float” | download

The Bille Burke Estate — “Everybody’s Gonna Die” | download


Spotlight: Say Hi

Say Hi To Your MomSay Hi (previously Say Hi To Your Mom,) a newly Seattle-based (they previously called 900彩票下载安卓 Brooklyn, N.Y.,) indie outfit, plays a catchy-but-not-too-upbeat style inflected with a bit of synthesizer and flare (two things that, for some reason, tend to be associated with each other, for better or worse.) Their upcoming album, The Wishes and The Glitch, is due to be released on Feb. 5 on Euphobia Records. The Wishes and The Glitch, the fifth from the indie pop-rock band, features contributions from both David Bazan, best known for Pedro the Lion and Headphones, but also notable for his solo work, and John Roderick, head of Barsuk-released fellow Seattle indie-popsters, The Long Winters.

Say Hi — “Northwestern Girls” | download