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Quick Track: Keith Canisius – “The Beach House”

Keith Canisius - This Time It's Our High

Here’s a bit of fun, engaging shoegazey stuff for you900彩票下载安卓. It’s Keith Canisius, dream pop craftsman, with something from his second release, This Time It’s Our High. Check it out; it comes highly recommended.

Keith Canisius — “The Beach House” from This Time It’s Our High | download
[audio:http://www./wp/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/KeithCanisius-TheBeachHouse.mp3|titles=Keith Canisius – “The Beach House”]

From the archives: An interview with Sean and Christian of Monster Movie

Monster MovieThe following is an interview conducted with Christian Savill and Sean Hewson of Monster Movie from 2005. The interview is being resurfaced mostly because I think it’s interesting. Nothing in the interview — aside from formatting — has been changed, though multimedia content has been added in for user interest.

As a child, were you900彩票下载安卓 around music much?

Sean: Only when I got to school and started learning instruments. I think we’re just classic geeks and we spent a lot of time at 900彩票下载安卓 listening to music when we were teenagers because we didn’t know how to get girlfriends.

Christian: Not that much. My Dad didn’t even know who the Beatles were, he is a bit of an opera man. I was also hopeless at music at school. Aside from kids music like The Wombles, I remember hearing “Wuthering Heights” by Kate Bush when it first came out and being really interested in it, but not knowing why or what it was. After that I loved listening to the radio and taping the Top 40 singles charts every Sunday night. Those cassettes would literally get worn out. I didn’t get a guitar until I was about 16 or 17, my Dad bought me a right handed guitar, I’m left handed.

Monster Movie – “Letting You Know” | download


Spotlight: Experimental Aircraft

. Maintaining a healthy combination of psychedelic influence, dream pop, space rock, shoegaze, and indie seems a difficult feat to juggle, and I’m sure it is — but Experimental Aircraft seem to hold up just fine. Of the four tracks posted below, two are from Third Transmission and are likely to find a 900彩票下载安卓 in most playlists of engaged listeners. They’ve found that nice realm of sonic beauty between My Bloody Valentine and driven indie rock, of which there may not be some easily accessible example like MBV — and if there is, I apologize for not simply making something up. The Jesus and Mary Chain, on second thought, might be a nice fit, so let’s shove them in that square hole. Perfect.

At any rate, Experimental Aircraft provide more than a simple, fun listen, though they are undeniably enjoyable; Third Transmission looks to be a release that will be well accepted by the well-intentioned populous.

Experimental Aircraft — “Stellar,” from Third Transmission | download

Experimental Aircraft — “Upper East Side,” from Third Transmission | download

Experimental Aircraft — “Symphony,” from Love For the Last Time | download

Experimental Aircraft — “Electric Surgery,” from Thank You For That Perfect Day… | download