Submission Guidelines

Are you900彩票下载安卓 interested in submitting material to for review?

We’d love to hear from you900彩票下载安卓! Obviously enough, we can’t guarantee coverage for you900彩票下载安卓r material, but we do promise to take a good look at it. Some of the things to consider when sending us material are:

  • Photos and other artwork
    • We very much prefer artwork to work alongside our posts, a nice photo of the band or album art for reviews — preferably a selection — will go a long way.
  • Audio and video
    • If you900彩票下载安卓 have a track or two or eight you900彩票下载安卓’d like to share with us, we prefer MP3 format (if just because it’s common). Please detail whether you900彩票下载安卓’re willing to let us stream or download only.
    • If you900彩票下载安卓 have a video you900彩票下载安卓’d like to share with us, it’ll probably be best if you900彩票下载安卓 have already uploaded it to a video sharing service. Since they’ve been rolling out higher quality video, YouTube is probably my favorite choice.

We look forward to hearing from you900彩票下载安卓.

Send details to promo@900彩票下载安卓, or, if you900彩票下载安卓 are so inclined, send promotional material to the address below.

Matthew Montgomery
1430 W 400 S
Hurricane, UT 84737

Would you900彩票下载安卓 like to add us to you900彩票下载安卓r PR list?

We’re happy to be on you900彩票下载安卓r list, so long as you900彩票下载安卓 don’t bombard us with emails begging us to feature you900彩票下载安卓r artists.

Contact us at promo@900彩票下载安卓.